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I'm focusing on the good today:

1. Teaching is going really well! My freshmen are fairly chatty with somewhat interesting contributions! First quiz went terribly, but I didn't count it, and I think it skeered them a little. Mee he he!

2. My gimpy shoulder is getting better. I stink like Icy Hot but... it's doing a lot better. Thank you Doctor Sean!

3. My herbs are growing amazingly well (except for my Hot-n-Spicy Oregano *pouts*) and Mam and I got some gorgeous plants to put in the front garden. Yum yum yum. Planting them suckers tomorrow. Woo!

4. Tabby and Tortie are doing great.

5. *waves at hacker* Hi there hacker! You thought you could fuck with Holmesian, huh? You thought you could come to MY house and jack up MY SHIZ? Eh... no. Grow up and go attack a NAMBLA website. Special sexy thanks to my dearest London Cabbie, my angelfood Cookie, charming Frankymole, a wonderful Computer Science prof and the staff at Invision. I guess it's good that we got hacked. Got me off my mopey ass and got me all varieties of pissed off.

Vernet, if you happen to read this... OMG I'm sorry the banner hasn't been corrected. I dunno how to fix it, so I have to wait for tech support to school my tush. It's not lost... it's just... giving me the finger. Vernet!Holmes is literally flicking me off. I do promise that I'm going to get it fixed asap. *mwah*

I'm going to start plotting out a full-length pastiche tomorrow, in between prepping for my class and such insanity. I need to channel some of this crazy into something tangible.

Or better yet, I'll actually *gasp* write the next chapter of Buds. God forbid I actually FINISH a project, right? ;)


Chat, cheery
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