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I've been known to enjoy a rare steak.  I'm no vegetarian, even though I've been though as such, because I'm an elliptical carnivore. Given my druthers, I would not choose protein as part of my eatery, not as a conscious choice, but as a preference.  I love vegetables and starches.  If I can, I'm going to load up my plate with side dishes, not the main meaty course.  That is, until I spaz in a low-iron moment, and then I want a slab of animal muscle as rare as possible.

But I cannot abide by this retardedness.

Just in case you wondered, I have been a very unwilling party to this crap.  I happened to have married into a family whose extended branches thought this was a good endeavor. 

I'm certainly no snake lover.  I'm largely frightened of anything that can bite me, except my cats, who nibble my fingers in play (but whose granny is going to break them of this habit!). 

But this is just part and parcel of the whole Exorcising of Aggression bullshit that goes on day in and day out EVERYWHERE.  It's not a Western Thing.  Or a Southern Thing.  It's an everywhere thing, and I swear, I do NOT UNDERSTAND HOW WE AS A CIVILIZED SOCIETY TOLERATE THIS VARIETY OF FUCKERY TO GO ON.

Here's the what what:  I go through my day without hurting people as best as I can.  I avoid hitting squirrels and chipmunks.  I try to shoo away deer who'd love to eat my daffodils.  I try to think about what I say so as to not be terribly insensitive to someone, unless it's Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt.  Then all bets are off.

If we know for a fairly certain fact that violence towards animals is a stepping stone towards escalating violence on humans, why... or how... can we allow such stupidity to go on?  I scoff at anyone who cries "It's the circle of LIFE!  You've never lived on a FARM, HOR!"  Yeah, well, I did.  I spent a nice bit o' time in that great educator, the country.  No one was hootin about cutting the heads off of animals for sport.  Mostly, there wasn't time.  People had real shit to do.

Shooting Bambi because you love to snack on venison jerky?  Whatever floats your boat, I guess.  Smoking Bambi outta the forest and lopping off his head in front of your kids so they can have that awesome jolt of adrenaline that only bloodletting and black tar heroin can provide?  Please list your name, your children's names and their SSN.  I'd really like to know where you live so that I can move as far away as possible.
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